Welcome to Ready, Set, Travel!

It’s been many years in the making…as long as I’ve been traveling, which, as you can see here from this picture of me at age three in Nova Scotia, traveling an me– we go way back. (Don’t you love the 70’s fashion?)

Nova Scotia, 1970
The Brown family, in search of our Highland heritage in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1970. (I’m the little one.)

From family vacations to Canada and the White Mountains as a child, to young adult adventures in Greece and Aruba, to recent midlife getaways to Italy, Cat Island, Bahamas, traveling is in my blood — perhaps my DNA.

Oh, I’ve spent a lifetime raising my own a family, had several career paths (IT, freelance writing, teaching, business marketing, and photography.) But at the end of the day, it’s experiences that matter. ┬áNow, that my children are off on their own adventures (do I hear, guest bloggers?), I can dedicate my time to travel, writing, and photography, and sharing my adventures with you. It’s finally my time to dream. Ready, Set, Travel.


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